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Solid Waste Management (SWM)

Solid-waste treatment is an important environmental issue. Landfill space is limited and today's energy challenges put a premium on recycling and generating energy from refuse. Increasingly, yesterday's trash is today's valuable raw materials.

SISCO Projects is a leader in supplying mechanical and biological processing plants for treating Municipal Solid Waste. Our plants helping to reduce landfill volumes, increasing recycling and transform waste into valuable raw materials and fuels.

Composting is an efficient way to reduce municipal solid waste, efficiently and odour-free, converting it to a valuable product for agricultural use.


INPUT: Municipal Solid Waste:

Municipal Solid Waste Comprises of Biodegradable wastes such as food and kitchen waste, green waste, paper and Recyclable material such as paper, glass, bottles, cans, metals, certain plastics, fabrics, clothes, batteries etc.

Often there is a large quantity of valuable materials in the residual waste, which is not used but ends up in the waste dumping. If this waste passes through sorting process, these resources can be utilized.





Sorted and Screened material (< 125 mm) (allowed Aerobic Combustion)

The input material is fed into the manual sorting conveyor where pre-sorting can be carried out and large contaminants such as Milk packets, Beverage Bottles, Coconut pith and shells can be sorted out.

By means of Rotary Screener with perforations of size 125mm, the undersized materials are separated and moved for aerobic decomposition (by means of open windrow)



Compost manure (<4mm)

The decomposed materials fed into Refinement unit which consists of Rotary screeners of perforations 35mm and 4mm. The final product of this process is compost manure of particle size below 4mm. The compost can be used as Natural manure.

Main Advantages of SISCO Projects Plants
  • Compost Plant Project, Trichy : 200 TPD Capacity – 1 Unit
  • Compost Plant Project, Trichy : 200 TPD Capacity – 2 Units
  • Compost Plant Project, Trichy : 300 TPD Capacity – 1 Unit
  • Compost Plant Project, Mangalore : 320 TPD Capacity – 1 Unit
  • Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) of Municipal Solid Waste Processing Machineries (100 to 300 TPD) at various Municipalities in Tamil Nadu.
Compost Plant Project, Trichy : 200 TPD Capacity
Compost Plant Project, Trichy : 200 TPD Capacity
Compost Plant Project, Trichy : 300 TPD Capacity
Compost Plant Project, Mangalore : 320 TPD Capacity
3D Modeling

  Our 3D modeling enable us to make our plan visible with photo realistic illustrations, we bring customers planning wishes alive.

3D Modeling
Reduced Operating Costs

  Compared to Hydraulic mode of operation, electric mode yields a reduction in energy consumption and results in savings in replacement / consumable parts and service costs.

Reduced Operating Costs
Drum Drive

  The drum of the machines are driven by smooth, low-wear friction wheel, this drive can withstand heavy loading of materials on a continual basis.

Drum Drive
Cleaning Brush

  Cleaning of the drum by rotating Nylon Brush to avoid clogging of holes due to feeding of moist material.

Cleaning Brush
Screening Drum

  Our Screener drums are built sturdy for long-term service to handle high throughput. Diameter of the Screen and Size of the holes vary depends upon Capacity and Screening requirement.

Screening Drum
Maintenance Doors

  Large doors provided for easy maintenance of Screen Drums.

Maintenance Doors
Ladder and Maintenance platform

  Access Ladder and Platform provided for Maintenance of the Rotary Screener.

Ladder and Maintenance platform
Control Panel

  Control of all the functions for operation and maintenance. Change from manual to automatic operation. Variable frequency Drive (VFD) for Screeners and Feeding Conveyors by which speed can be adjusted.

Control Panel
Iron Separation

   By means of an suspended permanent magnet, the iron particles can be separated form the waste.

Iron Separation

  All interfacing conveyors are Belt Conveyors.


 Reduced operating cost

 Reduced breakdown time

 Less maintenance

 Less wear parts

 Quick and easy replacement of wearing parts

 Very Less Noise

 Electrically driven

Shop Assembly and Trial Run Test

   All Equipments are assembled at shop and tested before shipment.

Shop Assembly and Trial Run Test
Safe Transportation

   All equipments are packed properly and safely transported.

Safe Transportation
Installation & Commissioning

  Our well equipped Erection team carryout Installation and Commissioning at Customer's site.

Installation & Commissioning
After Sale Service

  Our Service team provides immediate service for all Customer Complaints.

After Sale Service
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