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Solid Waste Management Plants

A plant to handle and screen domestic solid wastes. The screened domestic waste are processed to produce natural manure ‘MANNRAJA’. The plant comprises of Preprocessing and Refinement units. The preprocessing plant is used to segregate large objects from the collected domestic waste and the screened waste is sent for further processing and conditioning. The refinement unit further screens the processed waste and separates the manure which is less than 4mm in size

Raw Solid Waste Processing Final Product
Raw Solid Waste Processing Final Product
Pre Processing Unit
Pre Processing Unit
Pre Processing Unit
300TPD Solid Waste Management Plant
Skid Packages Heat Exchangers Pressure Vessels Turnkey Engineering Projects
  • Lube Oil Skid
  • Cooling Water System
  • Dosing Skids
  • Lube Oil Cooler
  • Process Gas Cooler
  • Heat Exchanger
  • Air Receivers, Process Vessels
  • Cryogenic Pressure Vessels for storing Liquid Nitrogen, Liquid Oxygen & Liquid Argon
  • Pyrolyzer Reactor
  • Distillation Columns with Internal Trays
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